April 19, 2014

HUMAN Healthy Vending Reviews: Asheville North Carolina

Josh Marr is a 7th grade social studies teacher living in Asheville, North Carolina, but he lives a second life after school hours.  No, he is not a secret agent or an undercover cop. He is a HUMAN Healthy Vending Asheville North Carolina machine operator. Marr owns and operates 10 HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines and has plans to increase that number in 4-5 years.

Marr’s 10 machines were placed into varied locations thanks to HUMAN’s location finding services.  Two of his machines are a very large high school in North Carolina, which he says can get over 100 vends a day! His average amount of vends per day is about 40-45.

His favorite beverage is the organic chocolate milk and his favorite snack is the Back To Nature Cookies. Marr has been very happy with the support of HUMAN Healthy Vending throughout the process of purchasing and operating the machines.  Check out his interview below to find out his favorite part about being a healthy vending machines operator.